The Negative Effects of Tooth Loss
By Green Bay Family Dentistry
June 08, 2020
Category: Oral Health
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Have you ever considered how losing your teeth would impact your life? At Green Bay Family Dentistry, Dr. Adam Pasono wants his patients to understand that no tooth is disposable. Learn here about the negative effects of tooth loss and how dental implants restore smiles.

When you lose a tooth...

Your smile changes, and not for the better. Obviously, you'll feel embarrassed by the smile gap. Maybe you won't want to socialize, or go for that job promotion.

Beyond the psycho-social impact, tooth loss:

  • Degrades your gum tissue and jaw bone because biting and chewing no longer stimulates them. Dear Doctor reports that the alveolar ridge of the jaw diminishes in size by a full 25 percent in one year post-extraction. As more time passes, the impact escalates.
  • Reduces your bite height and ages your facial features with hollow cheeks, thin lips, and a receding chin.
  • Decreases your ability to digest your food because cannot chew and swallow as efficiently.
  • Changes your diet (and nutrition) as you avoid harder and more fibrous menu choices.
  • Weakens the teeth near your smile gap. They move toward the empty space, thus becoming misaligned.

When you replace a tooth...

You look better, chew more efficiently, and increase your self-confidence. While conventional partial and full dentures and fixed bridgework (supported by dental crowns) are good choices for some patients, more people enjoy better oral health, function, and smile appearance with dental implants.

Why are dental implants superior replacement options? At Green Bay Family Dentistry, your dentists find their patients tolerate the titanium devices extremely well.

After placement during a brief, in-office surgery, an implant immediately begins to bond with surrounding bone in the jaw. Called osseointegration, this bonding process creates a firm foundation for later installation of a post and crown. For people missing more teeth, Dr. Adam Pasono may advise the placement of multiple implants to support partial or full dentures.

Dental implants are nothing short of amazing. They counter all the negative effects of tooth loss and with routine oral hygiene at home and at Green Bay Family Dentistry, implants last a lifetime.

Think about it

At Green Bay Family Dentistry, Dr. Pasono excels at preventive, restorative, and cosmetic dental services. He can help you achieve excellent oral health, but if tooth loss does occur, he will evaluate you for replacements best suited to your needs. Please contact our Green Bay office to find out more: (920) 432-8492.