Dental Implants Restore Your Smile
By Green Bay Family Dentistry
March 10, 2020
Category: Dental Procedures
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Dental implants offer the newest way to replace missing teeth. Whether you've lost one tooth or all of them, your Green Bay, WI, dentist, Dr. Adam Pasano, can help you rebuild your smile with implants.

How you can improve your smile with dental implants

Dental implants may be an excellent restoration option for you if:

  • You're unhappy with the gaps in your smile.
  • You're having difficulty chewing or speaking clearly due to tooth loss.
  • You lost a tooth due to trauma, decay or another dental issue.
  • You want a long-term replacement option.
  • You've been looking for an alternative to removable dentures.

Implants replace your natural tooth roots and completely restore missing teeth, from the root at the bottom to the crown at the top. The implants themselves are tiny posts made of titanium, a biocompatible metal that bonds to your jawbone. Bonding starts as soon as the posts are implanted in the bone and takes about three to six months.

Your new teeth wouldn't be much good if they only consisted of roots. Adding dental crowns to the top of the implants is the final step in the implants process. The crowns fill in the gaps in your smile and make it possible to chew. Once the crowns are connected to the implants, your new tooth is complete.

Implants help protect your oral health

Dental implants not only restore your appearance and your ability to chew easily, but also offer these advantages:

  • Excellent Biting Power: Strong roots are necessary for biting into tough or hard foods. Since your dental implants are securely attached to your mouth, you'll be able to eat these foods easily and won't experience a decline in your biting power.
  • A New Option for Denture Wearers: Implant-supported dentures can make wearing dentures more comfortable and improve your biting power. Each upper or lower denture can be attached to as few as four implants or may be connected to a metal framework.
  • No Changes to Your Other Teeth: The alignment of your teeth can change after tooth loss if other teeth begin to shift. Shifting can cause teeth to overlap, affecting your appearance and your bite.
  • Stronger Jawbone: Although you can't feel a thing, your tooth roots continually press against your jawbone and keep it strong. After tooth loss, the bone can begin to shrink due to loss of stimulation. If shrinking is severe, tooth loss and facial sagging can occur. Dental implants stimulate your jawbone the same way your natural roots did and prevent these tooth loss consequences.

Transform your smile with dental implants! Call your dentist in Green Bay, WI, Dr. Pasano, at (920) 432-8492 to schedule an appointment.